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About The Author : Toni Louise Diol
Toni Louise Diol’s poetry and short stories have appeared in: The Senior Connection, True Poet Magazine, New England Writer’s Network, Gotta Write Network Literary Magazine, St. Joseph’s Messenger and Advocate of the Blind, The Gray Squirrel, Troubadours’ Lantern, The Daily Herald, Smile, Mystical Rose, Seeding the Snow, Writer’s Guideline and News, Homespring Press, Oatmeal and Poetry, Friends, Sunflower Odyssey, Poetic License and Happiness.
Toni Louise Diol was awarded First place, Second place, Honorable Mention and Favorite story of the year in several short story contests.
Homespring Press Poetry contest awarded Toni Louise Diol First place in recognition of literary excellence.
She belongs to the Barrington Area Writers’ Group, and the Off Campus Writers’ Workshop in Winnetka.
The author, born in Detroit, Michigan, is a second generation American. Her four grandparents, born in Poland, traveled across the Atlantic to begin their new lives in this country.
Toni worked for neurosurgeons before her marriage to her husband David 41 years ago. After their marriage they moved to Seattle, Washington where he worked as an Electrical Engineer for the Boeing Company. Two of their three children were born while they resided there.
In l969 the lure of the Midwest drew them to Illinois. Her husband accepted a position at Northrop Grumman, a defense contractor as an Antenna and Microwave engineer. Their third child, a son, was born in Arlington Heights.
Toni did volunteer work at St. Edna Church and Edgar Allen Poe Elementary School, worked for a pediatrician and became the Office Manager. She was the Director of the St. Edna’s Mother’s Day Out Program, structured like a preschool and had an attendance of 75 plus children.
Toni has continuously incorporated writing into her everyday life, using her children, husband, friends and nine grandchildren as material for her work.

Toni Louise Diol
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