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Heart warming story poems about people, objects and places, present and past, that capture Toni Louise Diols imagination. Relatives, friends, butterflies, trees, golf balls and the wind all find their way into one of the authors magical poems.

Roses and Lollipops by Toni Louise Diol
Music of My Soul
Fleeting thoughts fly
like butterflies
through my mind
to emerge into words
phrases and stanzas
and create poetry
that graces ears
with lyrical harmony
music of my secret self
Roses and Lollipops, a treasury of words painted by Toni Louise Diols poetic imagination. Sweep away the cobwebs from forgotten yesterdays and walk with Toni through her universe of stars and frogs, grandchildren and sticky kisses. Visit the world through Tonis eyes. Experience springs innocence, summers magic, autumns frenzy of colors and eventual chocolate-colored trees and winters reflection of years gone by.
Through her life experiences, an uncanny ability to highlight the ordinary through her story poems, you will be transported to simpler times and rediscover todays world of bittersweet and joy.
This feel good book can be picked up at any time and is guaranteed to bring smiles and sometimes tears to your eyes as you enter the ordinary world through Tonis masterful and unassuming words. You will never tire of reading and re-reading the inspiring narrative poetry in this 215-page book.
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Toni Louise Diol
Toni Louise Diol writes story poems, short stories and has completed one novel. The authors husband, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, sisters, brother and close friends have found their way into her easy-reading poetry. They have inspired her with their antics and every day activities.
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